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WeGrasp is a knowledge retention platform focused on simplifying business processes.


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A typical WG flowchart example

Primary benefits

For startups

[In SaaS, tech, healthcare, and more]

Reinvent your thinking and collaboration process with team members and clients.

Do you lack the time and resources required for creating documentation? With WeGrasp, you can document your processes and products on the fly.

Feel pressure from investors and customers for immediate results? Join other fast-growing startups that are becoming more agile by freeing team members from overwhelming unstructured information.

For enterprise

[In FinTech, software, healthcare, and more]

The knowledge management tool for large established companies seeking the organizational agility of startups.

Become the most informed and innovative team member within your organization. Do more work in the same time span.

For project managers

[ in any industry]

Make your project team communicate more effectively.

Get tighter control of your project with our collaborative diagrams.

Increase accountability of your project team.

Primary benefits

Documentation is created automatically

WeGrasp diagrams are structured to make them a detailed description of the processes. That includes visuals, source code references, links to support materials.

Communicate more efficiently

Collaboration in context saves time and mental effort, enabling you to ask questions without including a long text explanation in email or instant messenger.

Simply ask your message in the appropriate place in the diagram. The correspondent can then grasp the meaning immediately.

Your organization’s knowledge management hub

WeGrasp diagrams are linked to each other. Over time, most of the company’s processes can be organized in an easy-to-understand visual structure.

Sharing made easy

Share separate diagram layers with external teams. WeGrasp diagram encompasses external and internal comments.

One source of truth while collaborating with partners

Gather feedback and suggestions from partnering teams in a contextual environment.

Visually distinguish missing pieces

Easy options to never again forget parts of a process that still need to be implemented Simply mark to-do blocks in red. Features enable you to go to the next undone item to complete to-do tasks.

Why our customers love WeGrasp

WeGrasp is a revolutionary tool for distilling wisdom from a visual representation of knowledge.

Alex Schwartz CEO at PaymentsJet

WG gives me the data and context I need to make informed decisions. It's a shortcut to increased productivity.

Sonya Khan CEO at Fintechverse

WG changed the way we design any process within the organisation. Easy to learn.

Yujie Wong CEO at GenicHealth

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Stop wasting mental energy on restoring lost knowledge, refreshing context details every time you are communicating with team members, and updating outdated documentation. Focus on what matters with WeGrasp.

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